All 8 to 17 year old crew members must sign a Minor Release Form and Waiver of Liability Form. 14 and under must have a signed Parental Release Form and remain in the tow vehicle when in the restricted area. Riders in the bed of pickup trucks must be sitting down. Restricted areas: staging lanes entrance to burn out area to the Start Line, and length of track. These are some of the common questions about whats needed to race at St Thomas Raceway Park. This is general information only and racers should refer to the current NHRA Rule book. But first read and understand the following.


The participant in this sport has the responsibility for his/her/the participant’s OWN SAFETY and by participating in Drag Racing, accepts aLL risks of injury, due to negligence, vehicle/ component failure, or OTHERWISE. If at any time these risks are not accepted, he/she/the participant agree not to participate in Drag Racing.

All persons must be 16 years of age or older to operate Golf Carts/Mini Bikes/Quads/Scooters or ANY MOTORIZED vehicle on St Thomas Raceway Park Property. NO EXCEPTIONS. IF FOUND DOING SO, THIS WI LL BE GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL FROM THE PARK. You will get kicked Out!

VALID DRIVERS LICENSE is required to race. (except Jr. Dragster)

HELMETS 13.99 (8.59) and quicker including all Motorcycles and Quads

HELMETS must meet Snell 90 or newer or SFI spec31.1a,/31.2a

FULL FACE HELMET required 9.99 (6.39) & faster

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: See Class Requirements in the IHRA rule book The basic/non-specific Protective Clothing are as follows: Full length pants, including Motorcycles Shirts and jackets as per NHRA Closed shoes and socks; high-top shoes or boots and leather jackets for Motorcycles

NECK COLLAR (SFi 3.3) in all open bodied cars, any car 9.99 (6.39), or faster or cars exceeding 135mph.

ROLL BAR: All cars including T Tops 11.49(7.35) and faster, Convertibles 13.49(8.25)and faster. Full body cars with unaltered firewall & floor and body(from firewall rearward, wheel tubs okay) to 10.99 (6.99)

ROLL CAGE: in all cars 10.99 (6.99) and faster or exceeding 135mph.

DRIVE SHAFT HOOP: All cars 13.99(8.59) &faster and using slicks EXCEPT cars with street tires 11.49(7.35)or slower.

ALL WHEEL NUTS/LUG NUTS in place and securely fastened.

RAD OVER FLOW CAN: All cars with a minimum capacity of 16oz.

2 THROTTLE RETURN SPRINGS SEAT BELTS: All cars regardless of year

SEAT/SEATS: Securely fastened All cars in competition requiring a ROLL BAR/ROLL cage must have a quick release 3” SHOULDER HARNESS including crotch strap meeting SFi 16.1and clearly labeled.

BATTERY: Proper hold down required, factory or built with min. 3/8 dia. Rod and plates. See NHRA rule book. If relocated to the trunk area , an exterior shut o/disconnect must be used.

REVERSE LOCK OUT/AUTO TRANS: All aftermarket shifters used must have a reverse lock-out The use of any agents other than NOS (nitrous oxide) as part of or mixed with this pressurized fuel system is PROHIBITED. All cars must be clearly marked as to where the NOS is located.

DIAL INS must be clearly visible from Tower

DIAL INS: Allowed to 100th of a second and must be displayed before car/bike leaves the staging lanes. Dial Ins will be displayed on Scoreboard and drivers are responsible for the accuracy of Dial In. Driver’s fully accept his/her dial in by fully staging, no protests for incorrect Dial Ins.

CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL/DRUGS by driver or crew while car in competition will be disqualified.


TOW VEHICLES are allowed for vehicles 9.99 and faster and non street driven Bikes/Sleds. Car Number must be clearly displayed on tow vehicle.


SPEED LIMIT: All places except track — 10 mph (15km/hr)


Upon entering, racers and spectators agree to abide by the rules and conduct themselves in a professional manner and that all interpretation, questions, and protests are left to the final discretion of the Race Official/Director and my be changed if the situation requires such. The Race Official(s) have the final say.

RAIN OUT POLICY: Rain checks will be issued-In the event of a Rain Out (called before Rd 1).A race is considered complete if Rd 1 is complete., if the race is called during eliminations – any class that completes round 1 is considered a race and the payout will be split between the rd1 winners.For those who haven’t finished Rd 1 you receive your tech card back.

There are DEDICATED Seasonal Pit areas that are sold to Racers. Please do not park in these.

WASTE FLUIDS: Do not drain onto ground! Deposit waste fluids in the tank by the washrooms.

Please fill out Tech Card 100% and print clearly. Car and driver are Tech’d as a team. if either is substituted without a re-inspection, elimination from further competition will result.

Bi-Run Staging Lane Director will determine the car/bike/sled pulled for bi-run. If a competitor still remains,that competitor will run the selected bi–run driver.

START LINE PROCEDURE: Race vehicles must self start, self stage, and stage under its own power with engine running “DEEP STAGING” is allowed and indicated as so by marking front and side windows of the vehicle.

When the bottom WHITE LIGHT on the Christmas tree lights, move forward to light up the pre stage lamp at the top of the ‘Tree’, move slightly ahead to light the 2nd staged lamp. Once staged, you cannot back out of the beams or move forward unless directed by the Starter. STAGING, breaking the beams, backing up and then re-staging is NOT ALLOWED. This is grounds for disqualification. NO DISCUSSION.

SINGLE RUNS: Driver is considered the winner when he/she stages, and receives the start signal or declared winner by Starter.

ONCE STAGED Crew members must stand to the rear of the STARTER. If you break going down the track, pull over to prevent fouling the racing surface.

TEST & TUNE – No Shorts, Muscle Shirts or Sandals allowed. Vehicles quicker than 13.99 seconds in the 1/4 mile – driver must wear a helmet. ONE PASSENGER is allowed and the vehicle must make a single run,( no side by side due to our insurance regulations) if the vehicle is quicker than 13.99 seconds each person must have a helmet on, and wearing their seat belt.