memorialThere is a whole variety of racing events from early April to mid November (usually on a Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon). It is located near Sparta (Elgin County), Ontario, Canada and is a reasonable driving distance from the larger town of St. Thomas. During the season, there is a possibility for night racing in addition to daytime racing. Hours of operation are considered to be six hours long for all events while time trials generally take place 60–120 minutes after the gates open. Racers on this raceway park tend to be locals who live within 100 miles (160 km) of the track in places like Tillsonburg, London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Toronto, Niagara Falls and Windsor. St Thomas Dragway is part of the Motorsports division of Spriet Investments Inc. ( run by Paul & Jarrett Spriet)

All cars must pass inspection by the in-house inspectors. If a car doesn’t pass inspection, it doesn’t get to race that day. Since the raceway is technically private property, racers who lose their cool will be ejected from the facility. DOT-approved helmets are required for the races and all articles must be removed from the trunk of the vehicle. All decisions (about inspection, class assignment, and qualification) are final and the staff has absolute authority. Burnouts are only permitted in the specially designated “burnout box.”

(from wikipedia. Updated content coming soon.)

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